Wine–tasting in Derbyshire is a fascinating adventure that evokes team-building attitude amongst the corporate people. Wine, the life savior drink for the people of Derbyshire, offers a unique opportunity to people to laugh hilariously, enjoy together and know one another better. This adventure truly promises a time when people can test their team building spirit, time management skill and efficiency to work as a complete group.

Set in the serene ambience of Derbyshire surroundings, the wine tasting provides a unique opportunity to see two different expressions of same noble grapes and classic blends. As the wines are served at tandem to the guests, you will be amazed to taste the similarities and dissimilarities between the two types of wines. The wine-tasting corporate event planning is accompanied by an animated wine tutorial, which manifests a fast paced detailed introduction of different types of wines.

Chillisauce is a corporate event management operator that organizes tours as well as conducts corporate events. Full of various activities, this tour operator truly offers a relaxing and wonderful time to the corporate people who can discover each other away from the hectic monotonous schedule. This specific activity of wine-tasting session generally takes place for duration of 1½ – 2 hours but can be extended as per the request of the guests.

Wine tasting episode in Derbyshire

Wine tasting episode conducted by the famous operators Chillisauce is a truly magnificent experience for wine lovers. Not only does it promise exciting time ahead but also arouses interests of teetotalers to enjoy the famous wines.

Wine tasting corporate event in Derbyshire promises:
— To build team spirit amongst all
— Increase efficiency of individual people
— Increase time management skill of the group
— Freshens corporate people to deal with new challenges

You can be your own wine judge as you participate in tasting experience and find out the kind of wine you like and then start your game with that particular wine.
Following are the rounds in wine-tasting game in Derbyshire:
1) The taste revelation – it involves a crash course of animated tutorial where people are taught with the art of tasting wine blindly.
2) The Taste bud review – the game then moves onto taste bud review questionnaire that decides the likes, dislikes and knowledge of each guest regarding the wines.
3) The taste map – here guests taste and score wines depending on their personal preferences. They have to use the Wine Adventure color charts and Nez du Vin aroma kits to decide about their own wine tasting notes.
4) The taste profile – this is the best part as you are judged and given a profile that will state your wine-tasting aftermaths. You can use it next time when you go to buy wines.

Participate with Chillisauce to have a lifetime wine-tasting experience in Derbyshire.